An Experience that will last a lifetime...


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Chelsea, MI 48118

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510 E. Washington St.

Chelsea, MI 48118

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Tradition Summer Day Camp
~an experience that will last a lifetime


Better then premium childcare, CABOGI offers
sports skill training, educational programs, health and
fitness and a place to develop social skills in a
relaxed, yet structured fun filled atmosphere!
CABOGI is a camp of constant activity and social
interaction. Your child will be in a group of similar
aged children that develop together through
exploration, teamwork, and social interaction that will
help them gain responsibility, respect, independence
and confidence. These are the life skills that will help
them become a happy, successful adult!

What sets us apart?

Our Dynamic pursuit of excellence! Just because it works,
doesn't mean we can't make it better. We have 11 weeks of
action packed summer, and every week is a new adventure,
with its own theme and activities!
Our adaptability: you may sign up for the whole summer, a
week or you pick the days per week. We always program the
We are here to help provide your children with a safe, clean,
well-organized camp managed by a highly trained staff of
motivated college aged counselors


Traditional Summer Day Camp