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What makes a Great Summer Camp Staff?

Commitment: an unwavering drive to always be your best at everything you do.

Leadership: Not only in word but in action and character

Empathy: understanding, compassion and the ability to handle sensitive situations with caring.

Intelligence: Able to problem solve and make good decisions

Adaptability: Improvisation, the ability to think and act quickly.

Experience: preferred, but not required

What will YOU get out of the Camp CABOGI experience?

Leadership training: This will be unlike any class you have ever taken. Having the opportunity to earn the respect and attention of a group of kids can not be taught by a book. We will be there to assist you along the way, but this will strengthen your natural abilities and provide you with a whole set of new ones!

Friendships: Not only with the campers, but with the fellow staff and even parents.

Youth Development Experience: put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to be a teacher, a child-care provider or a youth coach. Test yourselves!

A challenging and rewarding summer that you will never forget: Not only are you changing lives by helping these campers enjoy their summer to the fullest, they too are changing yours. You are testing yourself in ways you never thought about and are adapting to new emotional, physical and mental aspects of your personality and character.  Camp will help you find out, just how much you really know about you.


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