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  • Monday thru Friday  

  • 9:30am - 4:30pm

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  • We will be frequently available after hours and on weekends, but it is suggested that you call ahead to be sure some one will be available.

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General Information


Camp CABOGI pledges to bring children together in a safe, healthy camp environment where they will be given the opportunity and the help to develop artistically, athletically, and socially. Our campers will learn the importance of friendship, independence, and cooperation with others.


At Camp CABOGI, we have four goals in mind for our campers:

  1. To make friends and have fun!

  2. To increase eagerness to try new things or develop new skills.

  3. To become more independent and confident.

  4. Demonstrate a growing ability to make decisions.

At CABOGI, children have a unique opportunity to master skills they already possess and challenge themselves to develop new interest.  By working with campers in small groups, our staff can ensure that every child makes progress in these activities. 

As a member of their like-aged small group, campers function as a team/family throughout Camp. Together, this group eats, competes, and participates in activities and special events.  Supervised by the Camp Director and Counselors, it is our goal that your child be a vital, contributing member of their Group. Together, the group learns sportsmanship, sharing, responsibility, and forges friendships that can last a lifetime.

 While new skills are easy to see, newfound independence shows itself in subtle ways. The very experience of  being away from home or school- exploring a controlled version of “life” on their own- helps a child become less dependent on his/her parents. Healthy independence includes gaining the courage and confidence to explore new relationships, take healthy risks, and coping with difficult situations. Children become more confident in setting and achieving goals, taking initiative with responsibilities and solving problems.  The positive growth in children that attend Camp is just amazing! 

At CAMP CABOGI, your child will learn from their counselors. Children often behave differently when their parents aren’t around. They reach out for friendship and security, and find it in ways they never did before. Although counselors are authority figures, they also function as campers’ peers. They are closer in age than parents, and have a ton of energy.

 You will soon see that our greatest asset is our dynamic




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