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Anxiety about Starting Camp

In most situations, parents have more anxiety than their kids. Children are used to new situations, but we as loving parents over-worry about our kids. Will they be OK on their own? Will we do the little things? Will they get lost? These are normal thoughts, but fortunately you chose a great camp, and we will take great care of your children. Please make every effort not to transfer your inevitable stress and fears over to your children. Your child needs your absolute confidence from now until the 1st day of Camp. After the first few days, it will be smooth sailing.

Theme Weeks

Every week is different with a unique theme, special activity, and exciting fieldtrip.  If more then one "specialty" is offered, campers get to choose a "specialty".  All specialties are lead by counselors that have a strong background in the activity.  To find out more about the themes click on:

Daily Activities

Everyday will be packed with activities.  Below is a list of activities that your child can participate in throughout the summer.


Apache Relay Cheerleading Flag Football Magic Softball
Arts and Crafts Flickerball Frisbee Golf Music Special Events
Baseball Clowning GIMP Pickle Ball Swimming
Basketball Contests Gymnastics Picnic Games Tennis
Board games Dance Hockey Relay Races Theatre
Camp Crafts Dodge-ball Informal Games Scatter ball Tug-O-War
Capture the Flag Drama Juggling Singing Ultimate Frisbee
Cards Drawing/Painting Kickball Soccer Volleyball



Arts & Crafts

All of our Art and Craft Projects are geared towards the theme of the week.  They're not your run of the mill projects.  They are exciting and creative.  It will inspire every ones creative juices to flow! Some projects can be completed in one day while others will take several days.

Liquid Sunshine Activities

Have no fear!  When Liquid sunshine comes our way, we have plenty to do inside.  We have your standard inside board games, the gym and aux. gym for free and organized play and our classrooms and the cafe for our art projects.  Oh, and don't forget we have plenty of INDOOR Special Events. 

Pool Time

Most days CABOGI will utilize the pool at Beach Middle School for 1hr and 15mins per day. Times are usually from 1p-2:15p or from 2 to 3:15p. Campers are REQUIRED to bring with them in a BAG or DUFFLE BAG with a swim suit and a towel.  Campers who forget their swim suits will not be allowed in the pool with their street clothes.

 Safety is always a concern and a priority.  Chelsea School district will provide certified lifeguards at all pool activities.  All counselors will be either extra “eyes” on deck or in the pool with the campers.  Furthermore, a strict buddy system will be enforced. 

 On the first day of camp, camper’s swimming ability will be assessed.  Those who pass the swim test will be allowed in the lap pool.  Those who do not pass the swim test must stay in the shallow pool. 

 Pool time is considered free play or slightly structured time.      

 Special Events

Every week several camp wide "Special Events" are planned.  The week's theme and specialty activities are kept in mind when planning the special events.  Here are some examples of "Special Event".


Week - Date


Trip or Special Activity

Week 1 June 20-4th Mission Impossible Howell Nature Center
Week 2 June 27- July 1st Jungle Fever Toledo Zoo
Week 3 July 5-8th Wet 'm Wild Full Blast Water Park
Week 4 July 11- 15th Christmas in July Northfork Outback
Week 5 July 18- 22nd OLYMPICS Terminator Laser Tag
Week 6 July 25- 29th Raging Rapids Rolling Hills/Vet's
Week 7 August 1- 5th Always a Tiger Detroit Tigers
Week 8 August 8- 12th Nightmare on CABOGI St.  
Week 9 August 15- 19th Splashtastic Red Oaks Water Park
Week 10 August 22- 26th Star Wars Zap Zone
Week 11 Aug. 29- Sept. 2nd CABOGIRIFIC Splash Universe

Field Trips

Camp CABOGI has an exciting schedule of field trips.  Specific information pertaining to exact date, time of camp departure and return, additional fees and transportation arrangements will be posted closer to the summer.

 All campers present on field trip day MUST participate.  No one will be left at camp.  If your child chooses NOT to participate in the week’s field trip, they CAN NOT BE dropped off at camp.

Date and Trip



Week 1 Howell Nature Center Howell, MI $25
Week 2 Toledo Zoo Toledo, OH $30
Week 3 Full Blast Water Park Battle Creek, MI $30
Week 4 Northfork Outback Webberville, MI $25
Week 5 Terminator Laser Tag Chelsea, MI $20
Week 6 Rolling Hills/Vet's Park Ypsilanti, MI/ Ann Arbor, MI $25/$15
Week 7 Detroit Tigers Detroit, MI $30
Week 8  TBD   TBD
Week 9 Red Oaks Water Park Redford, MI $25
Week 10 Zap Zone Canton, MI $25
Week 11 Splash Universe Dundee, MI $25
All field trips are tentative due to the locations pre-scheduled events at the time of this advertisement!

Click Here for: FIELD TRIP SPECIFICS (All the details)


LUNCH - Campers should bring to camp a bagged lunch, drink, and snack that does not be refrigerated.  Refrigeration WILL NOT be provided.  Don't forget to label the bag. 

SWIM SUIT - Campers are REQUIRED to bring with them in a BAG or DUFFLE BAG with a swim suit and a towel.  Campers who forget there swim suits will not be allowed in the pool with their street clothes. Don't forget to label your child's swim suit and towel.  

 SUNSCREEN - We plan on being outside a lot this summer and sunscreen will help keep the campers cool and to avoid those harmful rays!

WATER BOTTLE - All campers should bring with them daily or leave in their group rooms a LABELED water bottle. 


Campers are asked to only bring the essentials, game boys, video equipment, toys, non-camp related items and MP3 players are not essential. A fun attitude, an open mind, crazy hats, funny shorts and Pirate's Attire (no Parrots please) are essential!! Camp CABOGI will not be responsible for anything brought to camp. The main Recreation office with have a place for lost and found items.




Traditional Summer Day Camp