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  • 9:30am - 4:30pm

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  • We will be frequently available after hours and on weekends, but it is suggested that you call ahead to be sure some one will be available.


Meet the Directors!!

Jeremy Hodges

Camp Director


As early as I can remember, I have been involved in every recreation activity possible. My favorite has always been soccer, but given the opportunity I will try just about anything! I spend the majority of my time, watching, playing or thinking about sports!

The majority of my work experience in the parks and recreation field has come from the pool side. I am a certified Professional rescuer, with certifications for the American Red Cross. I have previously worked within YMCA, Ellis and the American Heart Association facilities. I am Water Safety Instructor and Waterfront certified as well. I have been guarding since I was 15, and as soon as I could take on the responsibility of instructing I jumped at the chance. Instructing swim lessons was what really ignited my desire to work with Children.

While attending Michigan State University, I was promoted to Pool Supervisor, supervisor of MSU's youth swim program, and organized and supervised Intramural pool activities. I graduated from MSU with a BS in Horticulture. I am still working on my second degree, which is Parks and Recreation.

My background in camping is as extensive as my background in aquatics.  I have worked at the Muskegon YMCA with their summer day camp as a counselor and lifeguard, as well as with YMCA residential camps Pendaluoan and Douglas as a counselor, and waterfront supervisor. When I made the move to the East side of the state, I continued my involvement with the Y in Farmington Hills, as a lifeguard, swim instructor and before school child care program instructor. I started in Chelsea, as a soccer referee, moved into the remaining sports, and became the Assistant Recreation Director in 2006.

As Camp Director, I bring my organizational skills, experience communicating with diverse populations, my enjoyment of recreation, and of course my love of children.  If you stop by one afternoon, and I welcome you to, youíll see me participating with the campers in one of our many activities. With me, itís not all fun and games though, I will be taking full responsibility for this camp. I intend on being the foundation that supports all activities, ensures safety and of course monitors all facets to keep your child enjoying themselves and ensuring your child has "An experience that will last a lifetime!"

As a day camp, CABOGI will provide all the benefits of a sleepover camp without the sleeping bag. Your child will come home wishing CABOGI was a sleep away camp, but their ability to go home allows them to share their day with their families and return refreshed, open-minded and ready for all the new challenges and opportunities they will be facing.

I am extremely excited to present this camp to you, and look very forward to teaching, challenging and sharing the fun and enjoyment of an amazing summer day camp with the great people of this community.

CABOGI ...An experience that will last a lifetime!  


Michelle Mitchell

Recreation Director


For 5 summers I was a camper at a residential camp on the Chesapeake Bay.  I consider camp my home away from home. It was a special time in my life.  Life long friends.  And summers to remember.

Due to my camp's closure in 85, I never had the opportunity to be a counselor there.

In 85, I started my 1st paid job as a recreation aid for Baltimore County Parks and Recreation Department.  I worked as a junior camp counselor and then a counselor for 5 years.  As I went through high school and continued onto college, I was employed year round in a variety of recreation jobs.  I am proud to say that I have always worked, volunteered, or was simply involved in the Parks and Recreation field since 1985.

I attended WVU and graduated with a BA in Recreation Administration.  I participated in 2 internships.  One at Marylandís Ocean City Parks and Recreation and the other at Pennsylvania's Camp Towanda.

Both internships have given me the skills to manage and operate recreation businesses.  Ocean City Parks and Recreation prepared me for public recreation.  Camp Towanda illustrated some of the most cutting edge camp special events I have ever seen.

I bring to CABOGI my first-hand knowledge of camp life as a camper, a counselor, and an administrator.

Camping is more then having fun.  During my "camper years", what I enjoyed most about summer camp were the exciting fun-filled activities and the action-packed special events. I can still remember my first camp Olympics, the camp carnivals, the talent shows, apache relays, counselor hunts, and the list goes on and on. Camp was loaded with laughter & fun, and from a child's perspective, that's all that mattered.

As a counselor, I began to recognize that the fun experienced by my group was only the most "visible part" of the experience. By being at camp, the campers were becoming more independent. They learned how to get along with one another and shared the benefits of their progress. It was becoming clear to me that not only were the campers having fun, they were noticeably developing socially, emotionally, and physically.

As a camp administrator, the benefits of camp appeared even more visible! I've witnessed the growth of self-reliance as the insecurities of a camper vanished. I've seen how the rewards of achievement strengthen self-confidence. I've witnessed and personally experienced the making of lifetime friendships at camp.

Camp is unlike any other life experience.  It goes well beyond the visible part of just having fun!

CABOGI is a special place for kids. For me personally, I look forward to sharing my vast experience, creating exciting fun-filled days and amazing special events that will ensure that each kid has an incredible summer camp experience.

CABOGI ...An experience that will last a lifetime!  



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