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Date - Trip Location Times Fee:
June 22nd - Howell Nature Center Howell, MI 10am-4pm $25
June 30th - Toledo Zoo Toledo, OH 9am-5pm $30
July 6th - Full Blast Water Park Battle Creek, MI 9:30am -4pm $30
July 14th - North Fork Outback Webberville, MI 10am -4pm $25
July 20th - Terminator Outdoor Laser Tag ON SITE 11am-2pm $20
July 26th - Rolling Hills Water Park Ypsilanti, MI 10am-4pm $25
July 29th - Vet's Park Ann Arbor, MI 11:30am -4pm $15
August 4th - Detroit Tigers' Game Detroit, MI 11am - 6pm $30
August 10/11th - TBA      
August 16th - Red Oaks Water Park Redford, MI 10am-4pm $25
August 25th - Zap Zone Canton, MI 12:30pm-4pm $25
September 2nd  - Splash Universe Dundee, MI 10am-4pm $25


WEEK 1: Howell Nature Center on June 22ND

Activity packed day. The group will be split and each will run through our three stations, 1) Zip Line, 2) Obstacle Course,  3) Canoeing. Each activity lasts and hour. We will arrive onsite, do one activity and then eat lunch. Followed by the remaining two activities, a short visit to the gift shop and the trip home. CLICK TO REGISTER   

WEEK 2: Toledo Zoo on June 30th

 We are taking a Charter bus to the Toledo Zoo. Groups will include 3-5 campers, 1 counselor and a Jr. Counselor or a Club 22 member. We will check out the first side up the Zoo prior to Lunch, then cross the bridge into the full zoo afterwards. All counselors/group leaders will carry cellular phones and meet back by the fountain prior to departure. CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 3: Full Blast Water Park on  July 6th 

Full Blast is an indoor/outdoor water park on the East side of Battle Creek. It has both indoor and outdoor water features, allowing for a great time regardless of the weather. We split camp into groups of 3-5 campers, with a counselor and a Jr. Counselor or Club 22 member to assist.  CLICK TO REGISTER        

WEEK 4: North Fork Outback on July 14th

North Fork Outback is a ranch in Webberville that hosts a variety of Christmas related activities including sleigh rides, caroling, chest nut roasting and more. They are going to be setting up stations of these activities to allow CABOGI to celebrate Christmas in July!! North Fork is doing this solely for CABOGI, because of our great reputation and their collective AWESOMENESS!  CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 5: Terminator Laser Tag on July 20th

Terminator Outdoor Laser Tag has a mobile unit that they will be bringing to Beach Middle School. Our teams will be split down further and face off in Olympic competition. Team versus team rounds of capture the flag, and survivor of the fittest. Each child will receive instruction and supervision on how to play and assisted with strategy! CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 6: Rolling Hills on July 26th

Rolling Hills, Ypsilanti is a completely fenced in Outdoor water park. Our group will be divided into groups of 3-5 campers with a counselor and Jr. Counselor or Club 22 assistant. They will enter the park, play and enjoy, use a pavilion for lunch and then return to the park. All groups will meet up at a designated area where backpacks and clothes are before entering the locker rooms to head home. CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 6: Vet's Park on July 29th

Vet's Park, Ann Arbor is a small outdoor water park with a kids zone, waterslide and diving pool. Children must pass a swim test to use the diving pool, and groups are split to have a specific counselor watching a group of 3-5 campers with a Jr. Counselor or Club 22 assistant. CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 7: Detroit Tigers Game on Aug 4th

 Detroit Tigers game, we take a charter bus to Comerica Park. We eat lunch on the bus and arrive at the park shortly before the game begins. We sit in the upper reserved section, this year we'll be sitting on the 3rd base side out by the left fielder again. We wear our CABOGI green, and are in groups of 3-4 campers with a Jr. Counselor or Club 22 assistant. (One of our bigger Volunteer attended field trips, wonder why (: ) CLICK TO REGISTER  


WEEK 8: TBA on August 10th or 11th

We are exploring options of utilizing the auditorium at the WSEC (Old High School) and having a scary story/hunted production put on for our campers. As always we will also be building a haunted house for the campers and parents to walk through. CLICK TO REGISTER


WEEK 9: Red Oaks Water Park on August 17th

Red Oaks Water park, Redford is a new trip this year. The park is enclosed and has a variety of great attractions. Campers will be split into groups of 3-5 with a Counselor and Jr. Counselor or Club 22 assistant. We spend the entire camp day out on this trip, eating lunch on location. CLICK TO REGISTER 

WEEK 10: Zap Zone on August 25th

Zap Zone, Canton is a two story indoor laser tag arena, with a variety of arcade games, and a new ball shooting called Balladium. We play one Full camp game of Laser tag, then 1 half small group game for each group. Each group also gets to play 1 round of Balladium. They are allowed to play arcade games during the waits between Laser Tag rounds. Groups are made up of a Counselor, Jr. Counselor or Club 22 assistant and 5-7 Campers. CLICK TO REGISTER   

WEEK 11: Splash Universe on August 29th

Splash Universe, Dundee has its roof back on and the facilities are sparkling. This is our end of the year trip. We spend all day at this great indoor water park. We have a room to store all of our belongings and eat lunch in. There is a splash pool, climbing obstacles, a lazy river and two tall tube slides. Groups will consist of a Counselor, Jr. or Club 22 assistant and 4-6 campers. The facility is completely enclosed. CLICK TO REGISTER 





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