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WEEK 1: June 20th: Mission Impossible

Your mission, if you choose to accept is to discover the true meaning of fun. Youíll do so by traversing climbing walls, canoeing and completing an adventure course. Sign up for this week now, this message will self-destruct! (Theme: Mission: Impossible; Trip: Howell Nature Center) CLICK TO REGISTER   

WEEK 2: June 27th: Jungle Fever

In the jungle, the CABOGI jungle, the excitement starts today...whether it be a safari or a trip to the zoo our little explorers will see the animal kingdom in a whole new light after this jungle themed party sends them swinging on vines through the trees. (Theme: Jungle Fever; Field Trip: Toledo Zoo) CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 3: July 5th: Wet 'n Wild  

        Splishing and a splashing the whole day through. We'll be keeping things CABOGI, with waterballoons, slip n slides and a trip to Full Blast, if your kids aren't soaked from the excitement of the activities, we'll be jumping in the pool to make sure the summer heat hasn't gotten to them. No hoses will be harmed in the making of this week! ( Theme: Wet and Wild; Field Trip: Full Blast, Battle Creek)  CLICK TO REGISTER        

WEEK 4: July 11th: Christmas in July

         Happy Holidays and jolly good trip down the chimney to you. Ever wish to see that Christmas morning smile in the middle of the summer? Here's your chance, there's no better present then gift of FUN!! And We are full of it, from roasting chestnuts, to making stockings, to caroling, we'll do it all! You never know, maybe Santa will even stop by! (Theme: Christmas in July; Field Trip: Northfork Outback)  CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 5: July 18th: OLYMPICS

            Light the torch and raise your voice!! CABOGI is being split into factions for the biggest inter-camp competition the City of Chelsea has ever seen. Bring your energy, wear your colors and don't forget to have a whole lot of fun!!! Outwit, Outplay and Out Last the other team to be this years Olympic Survivor!  (Theme: OLYMPICS; Field Trip: Terminator Outdoor Lasertag) CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 6: July 25th: Raging Rapids

Splashing, crashing and waves galore! Another week of water parks, and crazy water fun! What else could you ask for during the hottest part of the summer! Come and cool off on the waterslides, lazy river or just splashing around in the pool! (Theme: Raging Rapids; Field Trip(s): Rolling Hills, Ypsilanti and Vet's Park, Ann Arbor) CLICK TO REGISTER

WEEK 7: August 1st:Always a Tiger

Whoís your TIGER? Whether you watch to see Austin Jackson steal a base, Brandon Inge snag an impossible ground ball, or Miguel Cabrera hit the ball into another zip code, this is the week for you. Itís all Tigers, all the time!  Letís get ready to rumbleÖthis action packed week of sports, games and tons of fun will be sure to satisfy even the most severe sports fanatics desire. (Theme: Sports and Games, Field Trip: Detroit Tigers game) CLICK TO REGISTER  



             Bump, bump, need to give into the fear. Come explore the spooktacular week of haunted houses, maybe some trick or treating and all that goes along with this Monster Mash. The ghoulrific excitement does not stop there as we will do plenty of ghostly trips and costume party challenges.  (Theme: Halloween; Field Trip: TBD, MI) CLICK TO REGISTER


WEEK 9: August 15th:Splashtastic

CANNONBALL!! Everyone into the pool! From splash contests to making waves on the field, CABOGI is about to get wet! Dripping, soaking wet! Donít forget your swim suit or snorkel! Itís about to rain down some splashtastic fun! (Theme: Splashtastic; Field Trip: Red Oaks Water park, Redford, MI) CLICK TO REGISTER 

WEEK 10: August 22nd: Star Wars

Space; the final frontier! These are the voyages of the space ship CABOGI. Our continuing mission to explore strange new games, examine new experiences, create friendships, and seek out fun and excitement throughout the galaxy. This week will take you to another dimension, new galaxy and that's why we call intergalactic planetary!  (Theme: Space adventure; Field Trip: Zap Zone, Canton) CLICK TO REGISTER   

WEEK 11: August 29th : CABOGIRIFIC

What's the camp that's all for fun and made for you and me? The best on Earth for all good times, and where you ought to be! C A B O GI, CAa BOo GIii!! Come out and have the best wrap up of summer ever! School's not in session yet, and there is still more fun to be had!! Empty out your books, grab your swim suit and come on back to CABOGI!! (Theme: CABOGIRIFIC, Field Trip: Splash Universe, Dundee, MI) CLICK TO REGISTER 

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