An Experience that will last a lifetime...


445 AD Mayer Dr.

Chelsea, MI 48118

(734) 475-1112



510 E. Washington St.

Chelsea, MI 48118

(734) 475-1112

FAX: (734) 475-1822



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Meet Your Staff:

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday thru Friday  

  • 9:30am - 4:30pm

  • Closed Saturday and Sunday


  • We will be frequently available after hours and on weekends, but it is suggested that you call ahead to be sure some one will be available.


Meet the Counselors!!



   Regardless of the facilities, camp is just a place until it meets its staff. Camp Counselors are a camp’s greatest asset. Counselor’s become a camps identity.

 Our staff is exciting, involved, creative, interactive and prepared. They have youth, experience and a desire to ensure that CABOGI really is an experience that will last a lifetime…Some are community members that have spent their lives here, others are new to the area, or only around for the summer, but each is ready to help break down barriers, open new opportunities and help their campers to realize their abilities and grasp this opportunity to grow and have FUN!

What we look for:

  • Serious Work Ethics – An unwavering commitment

  • Program Specialist – A strong background in several program areas

  • Leaders – Ability to lead groups, coworkers and campers

  • Team Work – Ability to work with and support others

  • Intelligence – Ability to problem solve and make sound decisions

  • Adaptability – Ability to think quickly and improvise

  • Positive Disposition – An optimistic, upbeat outlook with LOTS of energy and spunk

  •  Experience working with young people

  • Role Models – High moral character

  • Trained in CPR and First Aid


Traditional Summer Day Camp